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Big Booty Armenian Babe Mariana Sucks And Fucks


Big Booty The Countess knew how to suck cock but she didn’t over do it as she was needing some stimulation herself. She lay back after a while and invited him to suck her raised hard nipples.
“Can you just suck them gently Andrew,” she pleaded, “Just suck them gently.”
He was only too pleased to oblige her and he just circled them with his tongue then ever so gently he nuzzled then with his lips. She arched her back and moaned and this urged him to make a more aggressive approach and he took as much as he could get into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. Big Booty

She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair and then whispered in his ear for him to lick her pussy.
“I want it licked gently Andrew,” she pleaded, “Ever so gently.”
He slipped his face down between her legs, parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers and just very faintly touched the sides with his tongue. She gasped and moved her ass around as he poked his tongue deep into

The Countess was getting very excited and as he kept licking and fingering her. He could feel her body trembling and her pussy vibrating as she went into a long intense orgasm.
By this time Andrew’s dick was getting a little impatient and so he stepped off of the bed, drew her open legs towards him and rammed it in from a standing position.
“You bastard,” she cried out, “You fucking bastard – I didn’t tell you to that yet.”
“Do you want me to take it out,” he asked, ramming it a
“No you bastard – fuck me – and fuck me hard.”
Andrew did exactly that, he tugged her body towards him, Brazzers Real Wife

Date: February 12, 2019

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