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Brazzers Real Wife Stories August Taylor


Brazzers Real Wife I couldn’t take my eyes off their soft jiggling pant covered bottoms and was mesmerized by the cracks of their ass, transparent in the sheer satin material. Time was passing quickly, and I had to catch my bus, so I shoved the remaining eggs into my mouth, kissed them both on the cheek and headed out the door. Carol and I were in the same class, being born only a month apart, but Diane was going to give her a ride to school on the way to work. It was a long boring day and I stayed after, for Debating practice.

When I got home, Carol was already there, and running in her panties and t-shirt on our treadmill. Every inch of her beautiful skin jiggled with each stride she took, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the way her magnificent huge breasts jumped up and down under her shirt. “What gives Sis?” Between labored breaths, she said “I’ve been called Fatty and Lard Butt for the last time, and am going to lose weight if it kills me. I’m sick and tired of never having a date, and being the only virgin at school.” “Um, sorry Carol. You don’t deserve that honor, because it is saved for me.” Brazzers Real Wife

Carol turned off the treadmill and stepped down, looking totally surprised. “You’re kidding. I thought you and Susan had gone all the way before you broke up.” “Nah, ‘fried not. I put forth my best effort, but she always had an excuse, or just a flat out, No.” “That’s tough Steve. Well I guess both of us should start a club called the Virtuous Virgins or something. I have a feeling that your time is coming before mine though.” “Why is that?” “Who in their right mind would want to make love to a jiggling fat girl?” I hesitated, then casually said, “Lots of guys like big women.” “Yeah right. They sure are beating down my door. Name one.” “Well, I am for one. If you weren’t my sister, I would love to date you and take you to bed.” Brazzers Real Wife

“You’re kidding right?” “No Sis. I think you’re very sexy.” Carol got a big smile on her face, then became serious, biting her lip in thought. “Um, you know Steve…we aren’t really brother and sister. I mean I love you as if you were my blood brother, but it’s almost like, well…like, we’re just great friends. Brazzers Hump-Starting Her Ride

Date: December 24, 2018
Actors: august taylor

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