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hot big butts Then I started to notice how she slept. She would go into a deep sleep. Her legs would be parted slightly and she would murmur about how her legs would hurt. What an opportunity. While she would sleep I would get naked, and rub her legs. They were so soft, and I would be so hard.

I would rubber her legs and jack off. Thinking of all the things I would love to do to her. That went on for a couple of weeks. It was a great routine at first but I need a change. Something else had to happen because it wasn’t satisfying me anymore. I would beat my 10″ dick until it was so sore I would give up. Eating busty brunettes perfect ass fucking HD

So I decide what the hell. I need laid and I know mom needed it to. God only knows when the last time she got her hot little pussy fucked. So I made my move. She was deep asleep. hot big butts

I saw she had a skirt on that buttoned up the front. I undid every button from bottom to top. She never stirred. I opened it up to expose her. She spread her legs. I looked down and was rock hard instantly. No panties and a shaved pussy. The only thing between me and that sweet cunt was pantyhose. I got the scissors. hot big butts

I cut out the crouch. I sniffed it and lick it until all of the pussy juice was gone. Damn what a treat! I took off her heels and started rubbing her feet. She moved slightly which parted her pussy lips and I could see she was getting wet. With a little moan from her mouth with cock jumped.

Date: March 5, 2019

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