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hot Curvy stepdaughter pounded after yoga class


hot Curvy stepdaughter I teach at hosted a weekend intensive with XXX (founder of his own yoga style, prominent yoga teacher who has graced the covers of magazines). At the close of the program, all of the teachers who completed the intensive gathered for a group picture with him. I was directly next to him, and as my coworkers sorted themselves out and posed for the photo, XXX ran his hand down my back, grabbed my ass, and said low in my ear “God I love my job.”

I refused to go to the celebratory dinner and I have since refused to go around the studio when he comes back. The studio owner invites him back every year! hot Curvy stepdaughter

I’d like to remain anonymous for now. This is my livelihood. I don’t think the studio owner would believe me.

He Said “I Do this Just for Me” and Winked Hot Boyfriend
I wish for this to be anonymous as I haven’t opened up to anyone but my boyfriend about it yet. I’m still struggling to define what this was.

XXX (very famous Los Angeles based yoga teacher) used to own a studio and I’m not sure what he is doing now. But, I went to classes at his studio occasionally. During one class in particular, he was making especially inappropriate comments and touching some women in weird ways like tickling their feet during Half Moon, etc. Towards the end of class we were in happy baby and he said “I do this just for me” and winked. I was so creeper out that I couldn’t enjoy the rest of class/Savanna and just laid there with my eyes open until the end.

Date: January 13, 2019

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