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Hot ex girlfriend extreme public sex


Hot ex girlfriend Chris had texted me and told me to meet him downstairs. As I locked the door behind me and started to walk down the steps, I felt my body start to heat up. He was all that crossed my mind lately and I knew tonight was going to be special. He never let me down.

As I stepped out into the cool January air, I saw him standing by the passenger door of his car. He saw me, smiled, and opened the car door for me. I tried to act demure and sophisticated, Hot ex girlfriend

“Why thank you sir,” I started, but when I saw his hungry eyes, I broke into a smile and quickly pecked him on the lips before getting into the seat.

“That’s all I get?” he teased.

My eyes scanned him over.

He was wearing dress shoes and black trousers and with his jacket only zipped halfway, I could see that he was wearing a nice shirt and tie as well. I grabbed the tie, pulled his head into the car and pressed my lips against his. His lips were cold, but his tongue was warm against mine. It was only when I started to shiver that I realized how long we’d been kissing. Hot ex girlfriend

He gave me another quick peck on the lips, closed my door, and then joined me in the car.

“So Claire, are you excited?” he asked with a smile.

“Of course I am!” I replied, “Where are you taking me?” stepmom sexy AJ Applegate gave her stepmother

“I’m not telling, but I will give you this.” He reached into the back seat and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

Date: January 18, 2019

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