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hot girl Tammy looked at me, cocked her head, and set the shears aside. ‘Okay Dane, it ends now,’ she said in a reasonable tone of voice as she reached onto the floor and picked up a length of material that seemed to be attached to a rubber ball.

I was about to inquire about how the thing had would have to do with untying me when she cut me off by putting the rubber ball in my mouth. Oh sweet irony! All Tammy was ending was my ability to complain with a ball gag! She lifted my head with the utmost care, and tied the gag at the back of my head, careful not to tangle my hair. Things could not get any worse. hot girl

I struggled, I really did, and I tried to scream, however unmanly. Tammy didn’t try to stop me; I think she knew I would tire myself out. She waited until I finished thrashing, and resumed the destruction of my clothes. I could feel the icy scissors pressed

The cold air of the room woke my body when my shirt, and jacket fell away as discarded cloth. The only strange thing is that Tammy seemed to try very hard to not actually touch my skin. It was only the sensation of the chill metal, and brush away of cloth. I was beginning to hope for the accidental rub of her skin on mine, if only to warm and comfort me.

Rhythmically, the scissors snipped against the denim of my jeans. Tammy hummed whimsically as she steadily cut. She moved with ease up one pant leg seam, careful not to puncture skin along with fabric. With skill and precision, she moved to the other pant leg and peeled Hot Glamour model jizz sexy porn videos

Date: January 8, 2019
Actors: pink

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