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hot sex lesbian Tammy didn’t come to school. And it wasn’t only because we had an oral presentation due in our Senior History class. I was concerned because we had been dating for nearly 5 months, and for as long as I knew her she hadn’t missed a single day of class. And besides, I missed her.

We were supposed to stay after school today and I was going to help her with her math homework. That is to say, we’d go to the library and make out, nestled between the bookshelves in the back. Though lately, it had been getting a little farther then just making out. The thought of yesterday afternoon’s situation crossed my mind. Did Tammy stay home because she was mad at me? She certainly was fuming when she left the library. I remember her running out of the library, tears streaming from her stunning hazel eyes, and me, dumbfounded, feeling like a heel. If I knew she’d get that upset, I would have fucked her. hot sex lesbian

We were hidden behind the biographies section, making out, trying to be quiet as possible, for fear of being discovered. I had my hand slipped under Tammy’s blouse, reveling in the warmth of the skin of her stomach, on the dare of a low, throaty moan I slowly inched my hands up closer to her breasts. When I accidentally brushed across a surprisingly hard nipple, I felt Tammy stifle a shocked gasp into my shoulder, and grind her body against mine. Cute sexy girl sucking balls hot pussy

Her hands, like little thieves crept towards the bulge in my jeans. I nearly backed into a bookcase with the shock of her touch. I moved my hand from her breast to gently remove her hand from my, now awakened, loins.

‘Maybe we should get the books out, Tammy,

Date: January 8, 2019

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