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Nikki Benz – Undercover Operations Special Agent 69


Nikki Benz Tammy, I love you very much. You are more special to me than anything in the world. That is why I don’t want to go too fast with you. I want a quality relationship that will last,’ I said and placed the most tender of kisses on her forehead. I was proud beyond belief that I didn’t take her right there, with the books as voyeurs to watch. Instead of her acknowledging my love, and respect, her hand crossed my face with a resounding smack!

‘God damn you!’ She screamed. ‘Why are you such a prude?! I can’t stand you!’ and with that, she stormed away, uncaring about the staring eyes of the librarian and the people looking up from their reading material, shocked at the sudden outburst. Nikki Benz

‘Bastard Pig!’ was her parting reply as she let the library door slam behind her. I stood stunned, staring at the door. I was at a complete loss. I was always taught, to be always completely respectful to a lady, I didn’t know what I did wrong! With the librarian’s stern looks stabbing at me, I too left the library. Nikki Benz

Later on I called Tammy, hoping things had cooled off. Apparently things were okay between us, because she didn’t mention the mishap earlier. It’s probably because she’s embarrassed, I assumed, so I allowed her silence on the subject. We chatted about the project on American Government Treaties due on the following day a little, and about everything we usually talked about, how the classes we didn’t have together went, our quaint little lives at school, and about the dreadfully ‘uncool-ness’ of our parents. Finally we said our goodbyes, and I hung up. Fucking hot the Invisible Man

Date: January 8, 2019
Actors: benz / nikki benz

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