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Sexy Lovely My name is cutie and this is a story about my first time. This happened 2 years back with my cousin. I am from India and he is my brother in law. When we were kids our parents and other cousins used to tease us that they would get us married once we become adults.

That made both of us very shy so.. We never talked much when we were kids.. But 2 years back he (Rahul) came to India for his sister’s wedding and we chatted for a while on the first day of wedding ceremony. On the second day I was asked to get some clothes, from our house near the wedding venue.. Sexy Lovely

Rahul was asked to take me to my house. I was wearing a green colour half saree. Which is backless.. And I chose not to cover up too much so.. My waist on one side is also visible. When we reached my house I couldn’t take out my seat belt, Rahul came to help me while removing the seat belt he barely for a moment touched my waist with his finger.. That sent shivers down my spine.. I pretended like nothing happened.. I thought that its just a mistake. Once inside the house I started searching for the clothes, he meanwhile sat on the bed and told me that I am beautiful. This pleasantly surprised because he never said anything like that before Sexy Lovely

And I have to agree that he was damn sexy that day. Then we got the clothes and went back to the wedding venue. While the wedding was happening, I went to get some silver articles from a room in the venue. After I got the stuff I was looking for and when I turned back I saw Raul in the room looking at me. Spunk Fuck Hot Asian Cuckolded Video

Date: February 17, 2019
Actors: austin lynn

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