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stepmom sexy AJ Applegate gave her stepmother


stepmom sexy I had just moved in with my father and his new wife. I know this sounds like every other “stepmom” story, but mine is very real. My dad worked nights and was gone a lot. On this night my stepmother mom and I were watching tv. She was complaining about how her back was hurting and rubbing her own shoulder.

My stepmother was 41 years old, tall 5’10 and full figured with huge natural tits. I asked her if she wanted me to rub her back and she agreed. She was wearing a real loose t shirt and sweat pants. I started off by rubbing her shoulders and working down her back and up to her neck. She would let out a moan or a groan once When I got to her neck she told me that I needed to stop. I knew that there was something going on more than a stepson giving his stepmom a back rub by the way she stepmom sexy

I said why should I stop? She said we are going to get in trouble. I kept rubbing and making her squirm. Then she jumped up really fast and ran down the hallway and yelled come here. I went into my bedroom and she was but ass naked laying on my bed. Her big natural breast and hairy bush exposed Young sex cock for the aunt and the stepmother

Now I have never been with a girl little alone a women! My cock instantly got rock hard and I took my clothes off. I straddled her with her legs up, and she guided by cock into her pussy while letting out a sexy moan. I pressed my body again her huge beautiful tits and they felt so good, her pussy was so hot and wet.my stepmom”s skin was so silky smooth and soft stepmom sexy

Date: December 29, 2018
Actors: aj applegate

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